Our bins are readily available for any use. We have multiple sizes to remove yard waste, debris, trees and construction materials.

We also offer delivery services for all materials like mulch, soils, aggregates, interlock, etc.


When you have a heavy duty project, you’re going to need heavy duty equipment. At Topper’s Enterprise we’re available to provide our clients with excavator services.

The machines are designed for excavation, demolition and for moving heavy objects. Employing the use of one can shed an incredible amount of time off of one’s schedule and can allow for things to be completed that could otherwise not.


Fences are a big, and often overlooked, part of one’s property. They add an element of privacy from the outside world, increase security and can even raise property value.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a fence or change your pre-existing one, there are a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. They require very little maintenance and give homeowners an extra way to decorate and design their outdoors in accordance to their wishes.


If you want to transform your home into a spot optimal for entertaining guests, decks are the perfect investment. Decks are a great way to extend one’s living area into the outdoors and can be built in lieu of a patio.

Our experienced landscapers will take your personal wants into play and are also here to provide you with professional advice when choosing the type of deck you’re interested in.


The cold weather can be difficult enough without having to start our days off shovelling our vehicles out of the driveway. At Topper’s Enterprise, we provide safe, timely solutions to keeping your property free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter season.

With our help you can rest easy knowing that our team spearheads each project with an unwavering focus, dependability and quality. We’re invested in keeping your property safe, clean and in top shape throughout the cold months.


Topper’s holds municipal landscaping maintenance contracts to supply our services in the areas between Hamilton and Oakville. When you are dealing with Topper’s you know you are dealing with the pros.

The maintenance contract is entered into to ensure quality customer service. It outlines the agreement and terms between our two parties, and details the fixed fee service provided by our team.

Landscaping & Construction Services


Sod, also known as turf, is a ready-made grass that can transform your field of dirt into a grassy plain. It is typically grown on specialist farms, and is usually harvested between 10 and 18 months depending on the current weather conditions. Because it’s grown in such a controlled environment, you can expect your sod to be thick, strong and healthy.

Sod is beneficial to home and business owners who want to establish a lawn quickly, or simply want to repair a small area of lawn where the field has died. In addition to its aesthetic purposes, having sod on your lawn has practical uses too. Having sod around your home is proven to reduce noise, help keep your home cooler by absorbing excess sunlight and improve air and water quality.


When it comes to cultivating a beautiful lawn, there is a lot to consider. Do you want your lawn to be made up of perennials? Trees? Shrubs? Do you want your lawn to have bright, eccentric plants all around or do you want something that is a little bit more subdued? Or maybe, you don’t have much of an idea of what you want at all – you just know you want something.

At Topper’s Enterprise, it’s our job to help you get the lawn you want while maintaining critical planting practices. We make sure that an appropriate planting process is executed to ensure a plant’s development and growth. Our experienced landscapers have been trained to do the job patiently, carefully, and most importantly, properly.


If you’re looking to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, interlocking paver stones are the perfect answer. The stones can be used to enhance your driveway, pathway, or to even craft a unique patio. The stones are available in a number of colours and styles, and tend to simulate a cobblestone-like look.

We provide innovative interlocking solutions that are worked through with our clients to ensure that our work perfectly reflects their wants. From start to finish, we are at the forefront of creating you a beautiful property in order to make sure that the project is done with excellence.


Retaining walls are designed to contain soil that is held at unnatural slopes. The walls can be crafted out of many types of material, such as rocks, boulders and bricks. And although the walls hold such a practical purpose, they can be used to create or enhance a beautiful outdoor space.

Like materials, retaining walls can come in a multitude of styles. At Topper’s Enterprise we make sure to consult our clients in the design process to ensure that we build something that will stand the test of time both aesthetically and practically.